NATRIÉO CME DINNER TALK: Management of Fatty Liver

CME Talk on the Management of Fatty Liver

On the 23rd November 2019, NATRIÉO held a Continuing Medical Education (CME) Dinner Talk at Le Meridien with the purpose of highlighting to the doctors the benefits of using natural tocotrienols supplements in the management of Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) as well as to introduce the NATRIÉO Consumer Behaviour Understanding Programme. The main attendees of this Dinner Talk were General Practitioners (GPs), Gastroenterologists, and Hepatologists who were specially selected and invited to attend this talk. Additional attendees were the Medical Representatives and Medical Directors from Pharmaforté as well as representatives from Sime Darby Oils (SDO). The dinner talk was attended by around 110 participants comprising of health practitioners and the organizers from SDO and Pharmaforté.

The keynote speech titled “Management of NAFLD” was presented by Prof. Dr. Raja Affendi Raja Ali who is the dean of the Medical Faculty of HUKM as well as the Consultant Physician in Gastroenterology and Hepatology at the Department of Medicine HUKM Medical Center. The presentation consisted of Prof. Raja sharing his experience as a gastroenterologist in treating Non- Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) by guiding the GPs in the diagnosis and management of NAFLD. Prof. Raja also shared his experience in prescribing NATRIÉO Tri. E Tocotrienols provided by Sime Darby Oils whereby over 150 patients were prescribed Tocotrienols in the last 3 years. He also shared several case studies during the presentation to illustrate to the crowd his experience in prescribing tocotrienols and the positive outcomes that he has received in his medical practice. Lifestyle changes as well as pharmacotherapy (including Tocotrienol Vitamin E) are among the treatment options for NAFLD/NASH. The presentation concluded that more research is required in this area such as randomized clinical trials focused on our product and this disease area. This is imperative to convince health practitioners on the safety and efficacy of NATRIÉO Tri. E Tocotrienols in the management of fatty liver.

Dinner was served after Prof Raja’s presentation and Tan Sri Augustine Ong’s video was played during the dinner. The purpose of the video was to engage the audience about the background of tocotrienols, its benefits, and the story behind its extraction. Subsequently, En Rahimi was invited to launch the NATRIÉO The intention of this programme is to gain understanding on the consumer behaviour of consuming natural supplements such as NATRIÉO Tri. E Tocotrienols to manage fatty liver in patients. This programme is also aimed at helping patients find a more natural way to manage their fatty liver along with some lifestyle modifications. As part of the programme, SDO will provide the NATRIÉO samples and remunerate the post-liver enzyme test for the selected patients. Towards the end of the event, there was a lucky draw for the audiences where they won Thai Odyssey Vouchers, Staycation Vouchers at Le Meridien, and a NESPRESSO machine.

The event ended around 11pm with the general response from the GPs, Gastroenterologists, and Hepatologists showing keen interest in being part of the NATRIÉO Consumer Behaviour Understanding Programme. The CME Dinner Talk was successful as the goals to educate the medical channels about the benefits of using a natural alternative while at the same time providing them a chance to try out NATRIÉO in managing NAFLD/NASH were met. Other success factors which contributed to it being a great event was the huge turnout despite 6 other medical talks being held concurrently. More importantly, Prof Raja successfully convinced the GPs to join the Programme because of his clinical experience in prescribing this product and the sharing of the case studies conducted using NATRIÉO Tri. E TOCOTRIENOLS. It was clear that the doctors were convinced due to a clinician’s experience in using the products. As Malaysian doctors tend to be conservative and are usually not “early adopters”, they like to learn about success stories before trying a new treatment method.

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