Life With Tocotrienols: Healthy Heart, Happy Life

Cardiovascular Changes that Occur with Ageing

Structural Changes

Ageing leads to the increase in myocardial thickness in the heart. Since the heart cells have limited regeneration capacity, the increase in myocardial thickness affects the contractile efficiency of the heart leading to a stiffer and less resilient heart. Studies found that administration of 100mg/day of Tocotrienols is able to improve arterial compliance which improves contractile efficiency.

Functional Changes

Inflammation may promote plaques growth. Loosen plaques in the arteries will trigger blood cloth which causes heart attack. Tocotrienols have been well established as a potent antioxidant with unique anti-inflammatory properties. Tocotrienols target inflammatory molecules such as Nuclear Factor k-B (NF-kB) which is vital in regulating inflammation.

Oxidative Stress

Heart attack happens due to disruption in the coronary blood supply attributed to decreased in capacity of handling oxidative stress by the heart cells. The superior free radical scavenging activity demonstrated by Tocotrienols leading to a considerable attenuation in oxidative stress.

Tocopherols VS Tocotrienols in Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases

How’s Your Heart Health?
Tocotrienols Supporting Healthy Cholesterol Level

High levels of low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-c) is a risk factor for the onset of cardiovascular disease. Antioxidants such as Tocotrienols act as chain breakers through inhibition of lipid peroxidation leading to lower risk of LDL-c deposition. Tocotrienols has demonstrated through various clinical studies on its effectiveness in ameliorating cardiovascular and metabolic diseases through its cholesterol lowering abilities.

Tocopherols VS Tocotrienols in Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases

How’s Your Heart Health?
Tocotrienols Supporting Arterial Health

One of the first step in atherosclerosis development is fatty streak formation in the arteries. Formation of plaque causes artery inflammation. As a result, our body immune system, the white blood cells will adhere to the blood vessels to fight the inflammatory process. Although the white blood cells are operating with good intention, their adhesion to the cells of the artery walls reduces blood flow. Tocotrienol shows the most profound inhibitory effect of white blood cells adherence as it inhibits vascular cells adhesion molecules which is the key for the white blood cell to cling to the artery walls. Besides, atherosclerosis development is also due to the formation of plaques which occurs when platelets aggregate at the inner, inflamed surfaces of blood vessel walls, forming clots and eventually blocking arterial blood flow. Artery blockage starts of with inflammation and Tocotrienols with its strong anti-inflammatory properties is able to inhibit plaque aggregation, fasten inflammation healing process in order to promote arterial health.

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